The Wildnersness Has So Much To Teach You

The Wildnersness Has So Much To Teach You

Camping On The Beach? 5 Ideal Trailer Features To Look For!

Mario Watkins

A lot of camping is done in forests and national parks, but camping at the beach brings on a whole new environment. Along with quick access to the water, beach camping provides a unique experience and places for tents along with trailers. When shopping at trailer dealers for more information or a camper that is ideal for beach campgrounds, there are specific features to look for. The following five features can be found in a lot of trailers and are ideal for beach camping.

Sand Shoes

Once you are parked on the beach, the sandy ground does not provide the same structure as a forest floor. To help keep a trailer level on sandy area, look for ones that are equipped with sand shoes.

Sand shoes act as anchors for uneven grounds. They expand out from corners of the trailer and press into the sand. The bottom surface of a sand shoe features a flat, circular disc that can press into the sand and even out the weight. Trailers that do not come equipped with sand shoes can be upgraded to include them. A typical trailer has four sand shoes for even placement while you camp.


The elements of a beach setting come with a lot of natural problems that you can easily avoid with a few upgrades. Trailers featuring built-in canopies or expandable screened areas make it easy to block out a variety of elements.

  • Wind Gusts: A burst of wind on a beach can create lots of flying sand. Instead of letting the sand get over your personal belongings and food, a screened canopy can help block and protect it.
  • Beach Bugs: Keep a variety of beach bugs away from your camper. A screened canopy can help prevent bugs like sand fleas or beach flies from irritating you while you camp. This is especially true in the early morning hours.

Protective Metals & Plastics

When shopping for a trailer, it's important to consider the materials that it is made from. While camping near beaches, you want to consider the effect that salt water has on the trailer. By selecting trailers with specific metals, you can prevent extra erosion or rust that is caused by salt water.

  • Plastic Materials: A lot of plastics are resistant to salt water corrosion. This makes it an ideal choice for a lot of the trailer parts. Industrial strength plastic can give your trailer the durability and protection needed when near the salt water.
  • Aluminum: The use of aluminum on a trailer provides light-weight options while also offering resistance to the salt. Over time, you may notice a color difference on the metal, but it should still hold up strong.
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel: This type of steel is crafted for heavy-duty boats and can be found in a variety of trailers. When camping on the shores, you can count on the steel to last for numerous years.

Trailer Lengths

Beach camping has a variety of regulations and rules for people bringing trailers with them. For example, the Carpinteria State Beach in California only allows trailers that are less than 35 feet in length. It's a good idea to look around at common beaches where you are camping to see the different regulations. By understanding the regulations, you can purchase a trailer that will be allowed at the various campgrounds.

Exterior Showers

A lot of trailers come with small bathrooms on the inside, but also feature a standing shower room that folds out on the outside. While camping at the beach, an outdoor shower is ideal. It can help rinse off salt and sand from bodies before entering the trailer. This can prevent a large mess from occurring inside the trailer and makes it easier when returning from the beach. These showers can also connect to a trailer's hot water heater, providing a comfortable shower instead of something that is cold.

Even if you find a trailer that you love without these features, you can work with a dealer to have upgrades installed or added on. Many trailers are customized to a person's needs.


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